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It’s tragic how something as short as a 5-minute call can change one’s life forever.

A simple “it’s over” from his sweetheart may devastate him for a few days, but a call informing her about the death of her parent is just heart-breaking. 

A short call such as this would bring back years of memories: memories of him being taught how to walk and talk by his mother or memories of her eating a sundae at the corner with her father.

As he boards the hour-long flight back to his hometown, he screams on the inside; regretting spending too little time with his mother. She looks outside the window, imagining traveling with her daddy province after province for hours on end.

And when he arrives, he shares their first hug with his father. She weeps together with her mother. Together they lament the loss of a pillar in their family. Together they weep for the uncertain future. Together they mourn.

Seize the Night

I see the white, patterned ceiling and bright fluorescent lights run by my blurred sight and feel myself being jolted every few seconds as the wheels run over the gaps between the floor tiles. Sweaty hands grip my arm and tears fall from unseen eyes onto my bed. Nurses try to revive me.

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